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Moyo Go Studio

Automatic, instant Go pattern expert & relational Go game database

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I have to say Moyo Go Studio is an incredible application, hard to believe that it was written by a single individual, and not a large corporation."
Juan Aristy

"Interface and usability are so great, that I do not think that anybody will do something similar in 10 years."
Łukasz Lew

Move the mouse over the board and immediately, Moyo Go shows
games with the same patterns in the context of your own game.*

"It simply leaves the competitors
in the dust."

Rafael Bugajski

"Moyo Go Studio is the best Go program available at the moment by a wide margin."
Richard Brand

"I have used other Go software and they are decades behind."
Ricardo Romão

"Only two pieces of Go software have really impressed the programmer in me: KGS client/server and Moyo Go Studio"
Jeff Putney

"Congratulations with a unique and very powerful Go program."
Francis Chabot

* move the mouse while you press AltGr or Ctrl + Alt.

"Our results (not surprisingly) fall short of
Frank de Groot's preliminary results
Tore Græpel, Microsoft Research, Cambridge

"Moyo Go Studio is a powerful pattern analysis program, very useful for joseki, fuseki and shape."
Li Ang (3p)

Moyo Go Studio is the best Go software and doesn't compare with anything I ever touched in 25 years of playing with Go and Go programs."

Dan Micsa

"Moyo Go Studio is everything I dreamed a Go program should be, and more! I ended up buying a Windows PC, just so that I can run his program. Yes, it was worth it!
Juan Aristy

Moyo Go has GREAT annotation features."

Adrian Petrescu

"When I purchased Moyo Go I was 18k, now 7k, soon 6k :-)

I work consistently with your great software and I use it exclusively for Joseki, Fuseki and as a Go game database.

Tomasz Wawer

"Thank you for sending Moyo Go Studio. It is a wonderful program, and you have done a great job."
Gary Odom (Kogo's Joseki Dictionary)

"Moyo Go Studio is today the best Go software"
Joan Pons i Semelis

Buy Moyo Go Studio: $27,- for immediate download

All install problems are caused by Windows (Vista) issues or 3rd-party software.
Install issues can be resolved by following the advice.

Read the troubleshooting part of the online manual.

Works fine under XP and Windows 7, also under Mono for Linux.

Install troubleshooting help here:

The download includes addon game packs that have to be run after setup.

Unzip the zip file (1.3 GB) and run Setup.exe.
The amateur games need to be separately installed.

You must turn off Windows Defender and add a DEP exception for the Setup.
Run the Setup as Administrator.
Use the latest Service pack for your computer.

The Help file is unfinished - experiment with the other features (publish to PDF).

(The software used to come on DVD)


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