How Vít Brunner destroyed my software company

This is Vítek "Tasuki" Brunner. He smirks, dresses and especially behaves like an Italian gangster.

Vit Brunner works as a remote coder for Swarms. Vit was hired by Wilhelm Klat, a "make money online" guy who dabbles in unethical schemes. Vitek himself is registered as an independent software developer and he lives in Brno in the Czech Republic.
Based upon the evidence, it is my sincere belief that Vit Brunner, maliciously and using criminal methods, took away my only remaining option to keep selling Moyo Go, which lead to me losing my only source of income and that eventually made Moyo Go Studio "abandonware" and a free download (available below).

To my absolute horror and desperation, all the evidence made it apparent that Vit Brunner made it impossible for me to use Google AdWords by clicking on my ads via a proxy server until my budget for the day ran out, every day, day by day. Vit hinted that he was using a proxy server to do it. Google AdWords was my only viable way to bring my software under the attention of Go players, since the major western Go sites at that time were run by people directly competing with me, or their friends. So Vít Brunner, by his own implication, clicked my advertising budget away until it forced me out of business. Another fact that points to his unashamed (= sociopathic) dishonesty is that he tacitly admitted to pirating my software:

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Frank de grοοt napsal:

> In other words: Where did you get your copy of Mοyο Go Studiο?

I could have seen it on a friend's computer, I could have found it on
the street, in the dustbin, or downloaded it through p2p or copied the
dvd... you know, there are sooo many ways.

Here is Vit, letting me know in not so many words he's going to click my ad budget away, taunting me there is nothing I can do because he'll use proxy servers:

So after half a dozen years of hard work on Moyo Go Studio, I finally had to throw in the towel, how ever a bitter pill that was for me to swallow and how ever much I needed the money - I was too ill for a full-time job or anything that involved the slightest physical effort but not sick enough (according to the doctors) to qualify for benefits.


Vítek’s motive

It is hard to know for sure. Some people don’t need much of a reason to do immoral things. Quite a few folks attacked me at the time on USENET’s, assumedly due to the following reasons:

-I constantly offended people’s sensibilities about their favorite programming languages, computer makers and OS’es. (Java, Apple and Linux).

- I wasn’t a Go player but I suddenly appeared with prominent Go software. Some people, like Arno Holossi from Sensei’s Library, who had previously tried to make similar Go software but failed, were perhaps frustrated about that. All Go software makers were strong Go players, and here was an annoyingly self-promoting newcomer with admittedly innovative, slick software but this strongly opinionated guy barely had a clue about the rules, let alone respect Go etiquette. Not everyone felt threatened by my success or offended by my opinions. Michael Reiss and Gary Odom, both highly respected in the Go world were very friendly in private correspondence. Several high-level Japanese, Korean and Chinese players all the way to pro level also were very helpful, as well as more than a hundred volunteers who contributed with sound files, images, import converters, game records etc.

- My software formed a rapidly increasing threat to the revenue of competing Go software makers, some with enormous clout. I already mentioned Arno Holossi, who banned all mention of Moyo Go Studio on Sensei’s Library, with his argument being that it is up to him to decide, and since "I am not his friend", he decided to ban me, apparently because he did not like my opinions or something. AGA published a commonly agreed-to-be-highly-biased review of MoyoGo by Philip Waldron and I later discovered that AGA’s leadership sells MasterGo - directly competing software. GoGoD had initially asked me to let them distribute my software as freeware, but when I declined they embarked on a massive campaign to get all mention of my software, retailing of my software and even me sponsoring events banned. They even managed to get my site shut down by my host for a while, falsely claiming I had violated their Copyright. Jan van der Steen, who operates a Go pattern-search site, called me a scumbag over email. I guess because Moyo Go allows one to instantly find any pattern in any Go game, and get statistical move information about it, has full-fledged SQL search and many more features his site will never have. Anders Kierulf of SmartGo also falsely accused me of Copyright violations. As per the Berne Convention, unannotated Go games are recordings of historical events and can't be copyrighted. Note how Microsoft used the same pro games as I did in their replication of my efforts. They likely downloaded them from my site at the time, since I made my collection freely available. I was assembling a unique collection with standardized name transliteration and on top of that, since my software's pattern recognition relied on a large collection of pro games, this new exciting approach was completely impossible, if I'd honor their demands for ownership of the world's Go game records just because they used them first in their software. When they couldn't win the argument, they called me a Paranoid Schizophrenic and a Holocaust Denier. The fact that I was universally sabotaged by the Western Go website owners made my access to Google Adwords vital for my continued operation, and Vit knew that very well, from what I wrote on my blog.

Although this happened long ago, Vit Brunner wasn't a "little boy at the time that should be forgiven", since this is a pic of his subhuman-though-adultish-looking grin, taken about a year before he wiped out my ability to sell my software:

Vitek Brunner

How I got by after Vit's attack

Since I was too sick to pass a job interview but since I did not fall into any category qualifying me for benefits and since my unemployment money had been terminated as well, I made a simple site advertising my services as “rent-a-geek” and ended up fixing computer problems in our bedsit, recovering data on crashed disks, replacing power sockets on laptops and such. Eventually a Czech friend of mine from Olomouc came and lived with me, got a cleaning job and we paid the rent and food together. I would have prepared a meal when she came home and I’d help her with some cleaning jobs. We got by like that for a couple of years. We had to turn every penny and both worked hard. We slept on a sofa bed. The room was just big enough for that and a table. This is from that time: Two people sharing a table. I was already in my early forties and I had no savings, income or health. Ten years later, I weigh 24 kilo less than at my heaviest and am a millionaire. Let this be an inspiration.

On the right is where my girlfriend sat for three years, I'd given her my old monitor and computer used to obtain Moyo Go's pattern data. I'm working on MoyoGo there, as I had been for half a dozen years already.

This pic is from years earlier, taken in even smaller accomodation:

Moyo Go Studio was my life's work. I gave it my everything, notwithstanding that for years, I thought I could die any moment. I was so ill that I could not hold my pee and my breath would sometimes stop, without me realizing it, until I suddenly gasped for air. I had severe Lyme neuroborreliosis and no doctor in my new country, Norway, where I was offered a job that I later lost due to my ill health - wanted to help me, in spite of being on a prescription of antibiotics from a Dutch doctor, plus a very recent official diagnosis from a German reference lab that showed live Bb spirochetes in my body, evidenced by IgM antibodies on Western Blot and Immunofluorescence tests. Nothing can describe my suffering during those years. My pulse in rest never went below 120 for TWO YEARS, also not while I was asleep. One winter night I collapsed on my way from the 7/11 and I crawled into the bushes out of shame (I am Autistic and do not perceive the world or behave like normies do), where I rested for a long time until I started to freeze (this was in Oslo). I was lying in dog turds until I started shaking from the cold. I managed to stumble the few hundred meters back to my apartment. I had a plethora of frightening symptoms during those years. The partial paralysis and numbness of my left arm took 15 years to dissipate, but was the least disturbing symptom. The constant headache, chronic fatigue and arthritis and tendonitis that prevented me from exercising, severe insomnia (often unable to sleep at all for days until I became a zombie), violent skipping of my heart (it fills up with double the amount of blood which causes a violent thump on the next beat), extreme tachycardia that brought me to the hospital in an ambulance on several occasions, sudden onset of total weakness as well as extreme neurological symptoms of many kinds (unable to regulate body temperature, severe moodswings, anxiety) were the worst. All those years I thought there was still a chance I may survive, and every day or every night I tried to spend some time on the software. I often wanted to kill myself but I was too scared to do it and decided to fight til the end instead. I had absolutely noone to turn to, no family, no friends.

A few years after Vit Brunner strangled Moyo Go Studio to death, Google offered me a job interview:

I was still too ill for that. But I had a new Czech girlfriend and she happened to be not only "Autistic" like myself but she also was obsessed with the human skin. She studied Medicine but worked as a translator of scientific medical publications English to Czech and spent years learning about Dermaneedling until she confided in me that she wanted to try selling a dermaroller. We made a simple webpage and PayPal "buy" button and she started to thoroughly answer questions of potential customers. She did that so rigorously and based on scientific studies she quoted. When in doubt, she would ask Dr. Des Fernandes, plastic surgeon and inventor of the Dermaroller. He used it on himself and looked decades younger. We were a dream team. She became literally the most knowledgeable person in the world on dermaneedling at that time, absorbing every study on it ever written. She was obsessed. She started trying every technique on her own skin and kept tabs on the progress of customers. Often she had terrible looking areas on her face and she would go cleaning. I feared they'd come and arrest me for abuse. I coded our online store, built our websites, did the SEO, accountancy, product development (C60-EVOO), commissioned logo design, trademarking, purchasing and other things - eventually inventing the Derminator.

How are things with me now? Still sick, broke and living in a bedsit?

On the contrary. My company employs several Czech families with young children as well as pensioners that can use the extra money. We paid two million dollars in taxes already. I'm positive contributor to Czech society, selling to the world and bringing that money here. Eat your heart out, Vit. Bought a La Marzocco Linea Mini + Mazzer Major grinder for $8000 -so happy with it - I can now make coffees that taste as good as in the best cafés in my own home:

Visit my humble abode and I will make you a quality Espresso, Cappuccino or Latte. I still work on Computer Science projects but my new "PC", is a 300 kg rack system I paid $50,000 for. 2 TB RAM, 300 TB as 3xRAID6, 128 real cores, tape library, 2x UPS, industrial router. My 400 m² (4200 sq. ft.) residence has been paid in cash and is surrounded by a secluded 2000 m2 orchard, has air conditioning in every room, a large conservatory with metal shutters. LED panels in all rooms and two industrial heat pumps powering the heating. The heating system alone costs the same as a large family home. Vit, mediocre piece of shit he is, still moonlights for scammers.

S pozdravem,

Frank de Groot
frank [ΑT] moyogo [DΟΤ] com




Download here (325 MB) the full, final version of Moyo Go Studio

32-bit MS Windows, all versions, with Help file and bonus games that should be imported into the Pro database.



Vít Brunner je zloděj

Vít Brunner žije v Brně a v Česku patří k velmi dobrým hráčům Go – ale je také zloděj, a to ve více než jednom případu.

Před lety Vít Brunner zorganizoval krádež/ztrátu mých peněz zaplacených za reklamu na můj software, ukradl můj software a znemožnil mi inzerovat můj produkt přes Google AdWords. Potom vyvěsil pomlouvačnou stránku na svém blogu, která se ve výsledcích vyhledávání mého jména objevuje na 3. místě – a která je tam už 3 roky.