Below you'll find some informative movies made with Camtasia. They are made quite a while ago by Blake Haber and myself - Moyo Go offers more features and a "richer" GUI now (and Blake turned off all screen candy), but the movies are very useful to get a feel on how the most important part, the pattern system, works. Excuse me for making funny sounds - teeth problems :)

Some movies are in executable format, because they have their own Camtasia Player and Codec embedded.

Right-click the links and save the movies to your PC, then run them by double-clicking them. It will take a few seconds before the movie starts playing. The Flash animations can be watched by right clicking them after saving and select Open - Open with Internet Explorer. (for some reason they don't play in at least older versions of Firefox).


  Clips by Blake Haber:
  Studying Joseki with the Pattern expert and Free pattern search ("Kombilo" search)
(Highly recommended!)
Movie  (45 MB Flash)
  Studying Pro Fuseki with the Fuseki expert Movie  (37 MB Flash)

Clips by Frank de Groot:

  Searching patterns in a game
(Explains the general concepts of the pattern system)
Movie  (35 MB exe)
  Searching self-defined patterns with black or white to move Movie  (22 MB exe)
  Giving patterns a name Movie  (15 MB exe)