Evolution of a Go program

About the development of Moyo Go Studio, software to (help) play the Oriental game of Go. Go is a two-player zero-sum game of perfect information. It is considered much harder than Chess. Currently, in spite of enormous effort expended, no computer program plays it above the level of a beginner.

Thursday, March 02, 2006

Making Kimchi

"If the mountain will not come to Mohammed, Mohammed will have to go to the Mountain" my father used to say. Which meant that if something complicated would not happen in the usual way, more elaborate measures were required to make it happen.

Yesterday, in a rare snowstorm, I went to the only Korean restaurant this most expensive city on Earth is rich, and it was closed. I fear they are bankrupted because the peasants in this town do not appreciate good food. Norwegian food is the worst on the planet. Blandness is their middle name. So I could not buy Kimchi. Google (evil makers of lousy software and Copyright-infringing, shoddy search engines), provided me with a recipe for Kimchi here and because I felt energetic today I decided to give it a try. The cabbage parts are in their bag doing what they are supposed to do, Insha Allah.

Kimchi is more addictive than crack cocaine so I am not even sure I can wait the three to four days required. And I don't even have this dodgy "starter sauce" or Korean sweet chilli. But they say even bad Kimchi tastes pretty good. I hope my sales will take off to that part of the world when they see how serious I am with all this. OK, MoyoGo hasn't been translated to Korean yet but hey, see it as a way to practice your English :)